January 19, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 12 Most recent Accomplishment

Today's doodle i thought was gonna be a tough one. I don't really have any accomplishments. Then I started thinking and this drawing challenge is an accomplishment to me. I have lots of talented friends some are off doing super talented things already others are still struggling to get there but the thing that sucks most is a lot of them got consumed by life or they lack the motivation and aren't using their talent often enough. When starting this challenge I  thought it was a fun idea but the main reason was I wanted to try and motivate friends to start drawing again on a daily basis and I was excited to see what everyone came up with. The first few days of this challenge were so awesome I was going to a bunch of different pages looking at what everybody drew everyone was talking together a lot and it was awesome seeing how everyone chose to draw the topic each day. More and more people started jumping in on the idea as the first few posts started going up and it was awesome seeing the list of people grow that were doing the challenge So for today's doodle i decided to do one of those cheesy inspirational posters with a little doodle of everyone's doodles that have been doing this challenge. I know its tough keeping up with the challenge especially some of these topics are pretty lame but keep it up cause the doodles are awesome!


Tomorrows doodle is favorite comic!

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