January 29, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 22 Something You Miss

I miss the simpler times in life. Getting old is not that awesome.


30 days 30 doodles: Day 21 Something You Want

Today's doodle when I read the topic The Little Mermaid song " Part of Your World" popped into my head so I decided to do my doodle in the style of that song and movie. Been working towards this want for a long time now I know 2012 is gonna be when it happens finally! Anyways here is my doodle.


January 26, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 19 Something New

Todays doodle I decided to do it on a pink piece of paper instead of my sketch book so in my eyes thats something new.


Tomorrows doodle something orange oooOOOOooooo

January 25, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 18 Just a Doodle

Here it is just a doodle most of the times thats what my doodles are. People will be like what is that? Im like i dunno just a doodle it could be a flying pig tooth fairy thing if your brains need it to be something.


Tomorrows topis is something new. so stay tuned for just another new doodle

30 days 30 doodles: Day 17 Favorite Plant

Did a few pages of sketches and couldn't do this plant justice so i just threw in a random hippo doodle. This sketch challenge and topics are starting to get stale and I have a cold so I apologize for the recent suckage here hoping tomorrows doodle turns out better!


January 23, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 16 Inspiration

So much to choose from for today's doodle. Some of my options were Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng,  Frank Tashlin, Bob Clampett, Andrew Bell, Joe Ledbetter, The muppets, Goofy, The whole cast of Looney tunes characters, Hi-Fructose Magazine... the list really could go on forever. I decided to do a doodle of Weird AL tho. Hes been a big inspiration for me ever since I found out about him in the 5th grade. Since then the rest is history. This year hes nominated for not one but 2 grammys! Alpocalypse got nominated  for Best Comedy Album and "Perform This Way" for Best Short Form Video! If he wins both thatd be awesome! Anyways one day im going to animate one of his videos after I get a real job and can focus on goofing around making a flash animation and I hope to draw more pictures of him. This is todays attempt! 


Tomorrows doodle is favorite plant

January 22, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 15 Family Picture

So for today's doodle I decided to draw the first dysfunctional family! Growing up I loved this show I need to get my hands on it and watch it now that I'm older. I'm sure it'll be even more awesome then I thought when i was a kid. My earl sinclair could use a little bit of work but im pretty happy with the others I think i wanna draw these characters more they are a lot of fun. Anyways heres the doodle enjoy!


Tommorrows doodle is inspiration. That'll be easy so much stuff inspires me and my doodles

January 21, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 14 Favorite Fairytale

I love when people put a new spin on on old classics. Lots of people and studios are doing it all the time however this one short especially sticks out in my mind by Warner Bros. The three little bops in an awesome rendition of the 3 little pigs not only is it my favorite fairytale its also one of my all time favorite Looney Tune shorts. Here is my doodle for the day


also if you have never seen the short before you should do yourself a favorite and watch it right now! Then watch it again because its too awesome to watch just once!

anyways enjoy this cartoon! Tomorrows doodle is family picture

January 20, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 13 Comic

Today doodle the list just said comic so I'm gonna interpret that as favorite comic book. I decided to draw the goon. The goon has excellent writing, its super funny, had great drawings and characters and awesome little commercial breaks for your viewing pleasure. If you've never read the goon before I highly recommend you run out to your closes comic book store right this second and pick it up today!

Anyways today's doodle is the first time I'm just uploading a whole page or sketches. I decided to mess around with Frankie and the Goon and try and draw them somewhat in my own style this is what i doodled.


Hope you guys like it! Tomorrows doodle is favorite fairytale.

January 19, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 12 Most recent Accomplishment

Today's doodle i thought was gonna be a tough one. I don't really have any accomplishments. Then I started thinking and this drawing challenge is an accomplishment to me. I have lots of talented friends some are off doing super talented things already others are still struggling to get there but the thing that sucks most is a lot of them got consumed by life or they lack the motivation and aren't using their talent often enough. When starting this challenge I  thought it was a fun idea but the main reason was I wanted to try and motivate friends to start drawing again on a daily basis and I was excited to see what everyone came up with. The first few days of this challenge were so awesome I was going to a bunch of different pages looking at what everybody drew everyone was talking together a lot and it was awesome seeing how everyone chose to draw the topic each day. More and more people started jumping in on the idea as the first few posts started going up and it was awesome seeing the list of people grow that were doing the challenge So for today's doodle i decided to do one of those cheesy inspirational posters with a little doodle of everyone's doodles that have been doing this challenge. I know its tough keeping up with the challenge especially some of these topics are pretty lame but keep it up cause the doodles are awesome!


Tomorrows doodle is favorite comic!

30 days 30 doodles: Day 11 Turning Point in your Life

ok ok i know i missed day 11 by 2 hours and 15 minutes but its really all how you look at it because i still have 45 minutes of day 11 in California!

Anyways heres my day 11


Day 12 is another lame topic... most recent accomplishment

January 17, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 10 Favorite Candy

Those of you that know me know how much i love my twizzlers those of you that dont.... well now you do!


Tomorrows doodle turning point in my life hmmm tomorrow doodle might suck just saying 

January 16, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 9 Favorite TV show

So theres so many good tv shows to choose from. The 2 shows I keep up with most are the office and how I met your mother. Today I decided to take a jab at kevin from the office cause he is my favorite and cracks me up. Todays doodle im semi happy with it. Its a good attempt this is the phase you guys dont normally get to see. Ill get a decent doodle and then bring it into illustrator usually and tweak it till my heart is content! Anyways heres my rough kevin hope you enjoy!


Tomorrows doodle favorite candy nom nom nom

January 15, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 8 Favorite Animated Character

Hey! Todays challenge was simple to pick the task. Daffy Duck has been my favorite animated character for as long as I can remember. I was always liked the wacky zany daffy better then the super cynical one but thats whats awesome about him depending who draws him he can act however they want him to act and it'll still feel like daffy! I originally wanted to come up with my own complete version of daffy but it was my birthday today so I ran out of time and threw in a few little things here and there but over all its just Daffy! Anyways heres my doodle for the day!


Those of you that read this if you haven't done so already you should like my artist page on facebook as a digital birthday present to me :)


Anyways tomorrows doodle favorite tv show!

January 14, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 7 Favorite Movie

So im not all that happy with todays sketch but I didnt wanna miss a day! Its hard to pick just one favorite movie but I do love animal house and is probably the movie i could quote best.


Tommorrow is an easy one... Favorite animated character!

January 13, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 6 Favorite Book

I don't get to read books very often not because I don't enjoy them just because I'm always so busy or too exhausted if i relax to read a book I pass out. Even tho it was quite long ago when I got this book i breezed thru it in 2 days because it was so awesome. If you don't know Carl Hiaasen you should give one of his books a read he has crazy as characters and situations and if your familiar with Florida all his books take place there so that makes it extra awesome to me. Anyways heres my doodle for today!


Stay tuned tomorrow for favorite movie!

January 12, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 5 Best Friend

Todays doodle is my special girlfriend Stephanie! Gawwwwh


Tommorrows doodle favorite book!

January 11, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 4 Favorite Place

Todays doodle was kind of challenging not as cute as the past posts but really I just like to sit at my computer and unwind and forget about the day so here it is!


Tomorrows doodle is best friend! Stay tuned

January 10, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 3 Favorite Food

Favorite food was a hard one so many good foods!

In todays doodle I would like you to meet Chorizo the Sausage King. Just look at him munching away on his favorite delicious snack jalepeno grilled cheese sammiches!


January 9, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 2 Favorite Animal

Hey so today is your favorite animal. I have lots of animals I like to draw but over the last year or 2 I've been really into Hippos, Rhinos and Giraffes. Today my brain popped out this guy.


Stay tuned for tomorrows doodle of  favorite food! Nom Nom Nom

January 8, 2012

30 days 30 doodles: Day 1!

So Today starts it all! Day 1 is draw a picture of yourself! I decided to draw myself wearing my deliciously warm winter hat.


Stay tuned for tomorrows doodle of a favorite animal!

Fully Loaded Blog Post!

Man so I've been neglecting my blog as usual :(  Lots of updates...

First of all hope your holidays were a blast and happy new year to you all! Now to the goods...

I've been slowly working on this new animation which I'm really excited about. Once its done i think itll be the best animation I've ever done before. Heres my blocking pass.

Ideally I'd love to have it finished by the end of the month but it'll probably be done sometime in February.I wanted to have it finished by the end of the year but got caught up with a bunch of holiday projects.

The first project was 2011 holiday card. For the last 5 years I make a new holiday card every year and plan to continue this until i die! This is what came out of my brain this holiday season.


I also decided to make some paintings this year as gifts. I did a series of a bunch of mini paintings.

First up we got the Octostache.


and then the School of Fart Knox

now everybody get together for a group photo


The paintings don't stop there. I also decided to paint my girlfriend her very own painting this year as well!

This little guy known as Schermee wiggled his way into her heart on Christmas day.


That was pretty much my month of December but have no fear the projects aren't stopping!

I'm still in the early stages of kinda working on a web comic more to come on that soon hopefully. I'm also currently working on some sketches of one of my friends. Then Last night I was talking to a friend and decided hey lets get some people together and do this monthly drawing thing! That'll be fun right? Right! What it is is a drawing a day for 30 days I think It'll be a nice fun little thing to do and also itll get this poor little blog some of the tender lovin it deserves.

Heres the list of some things you can expect to come out of this event!


Those of you reading this feel free to do it as well! I always say the more the merrier especially when it comes to a big motivational gather project like this one.

So stay tuned for lots of updates and this project first drawing will be up later today because day 1 begins now!