November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys its been a while I know but I have been busy working away on some new projects and such. Decided to make this Yo Gabba Gabba inspired artwork to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you guys like it and have an awesome day!


September 16, 2011

The Stickers are HERE!!!

Just got my shipment of stickers in! So excited cant wait to start sticking em everywhere! I took a few pics check em out! Hope you guys like em. Also the idea of them is to spread them all over at awesome places, random places, places people will see em! If you guys want some stickers lemme know send me your address and I'll send a few your way!

Heres the delivery of the goods!


Pyramid of sticker goodness


Heres a close up!


Freak Stashtic


And Remember boys and girls send me your addresses so I can make it rain in your general direction!


Hope you guys like em! Feel free to send me pics if you post em anywhere!

September 15, 2011

New Branding New Animation NEW NEW NEW!

Awww my poor blog I've been neglecting you. I recently made a Tumblr I'm still not a huge fan of it yet but I'm still gonna keep it for now try and make Tumblr a place to share funny little things here and there and keep this blog a more professional blog. Anyways a decent amount of announcements.

The biggest is in August I spent some time bringing together a new branding for myself! Im happy with it and really like the whole theme to it. Originally I was going more towards a food theme since my artist name is Bruckaroni. This was my original mascot I was toying with.


If you like this character fear not he will show up in future projects because I still think he is awesome just not as the face of me!

Now my girlfriend had doodled this mustache in the shape of my name. At first I was like no i don't want that I want food! I continued to work on my idea and made the above character. Then I became stumped trying to tie Bruckaroni together with my real name to still promote myself as an animator. One night the planets aligned and I started thinking about my girlfriends sketch and the rest is history. I decided the mustache idea was awesome and ran with it!

First lemme start by showing off my awesome new logo the talented Stephanie Michios created for me.


Im really pleased with the logo in fact I like it so much I really want to get it tattooed on my finger and literally brand myself! Get it! ???  For a while now I've found mustache finger tattoos amusing but never could justify getting one because it was nothing person just because I thought it was funny. Well now I have a reason I'll be sure to post pics whenever I actually do it but here is the plan!


I also brainstormed long and hard for my new business cards I wanted them double sided, one side showcasing myself and the other with my alter ego Bruckaroni. The Bruckaroni side came to me very fast! The other side however was destroying my brain until one day bam! It happened over night.These are the new designs!



Im really happy with how they came out and enjoy the bright colors. Heres a pic of the final printed version


As part of my branding I also decided to make some stickers. The thing i personally love best about living so close to New York City now is just walking around and finding random little things that you would miss if you were driving or taking the subway or anything but walking. I really like finding awesome graffiti and awesome stickers all over the place and I wanted to add my mark to it in hopes people will find my stickers and get some form of enjoyment out of them. These first batch of stickers I really wanted to focus on people finding out about my website but I have so many characters doodled up that I really plan on making stickers an on going thing because I think they are awesome! I ended up printing 2 different designs. One of each of my branding characters. I also decided to stick a QR code on them so if someone found them and decided to be like oooh i wonder where this will take me and used their fancy little smart phones it would take them to my new website! Anyways here are the designs



I ordered them from the awesome company sticker robot!


They will be arriving in the mail on friday and I cant wait! I plan on mailing them out to any of my friends that want them to help spread Bruckaroni hopefully world wide! More on this once the stickers arrive :)

Also you can see the site above in my designs but for those lazy people heres a real link!

Some of you may look at my previous post and be like what the heck where is the final shot of that 11 second piece. Well my friends for some reason Vimeo is not liking that video and I've been having a hard time getting it to upload on numerous occasions. Fear not! you can check it out under the animation tab on my new site. For those of you wondering this was my 3rd time entering the 11 second club competition and I didn't place very well so I'm just gonna keep on practicing! Im actually working on a new piece which involves MAGIC! OOOooooOOOo spoooky i know not really but heres a little sneak peek!


I know I say it all the time but this blog will be updated more often very soon actually when my stickers arrive! Also stay tooned for the blocking in the following week or 2!

July 20, 2011

Im Still Alive!

Hey! I'm back and have lots of new projects!

My computer died for 2 months and I was soooooooooo sad but its finally back and im being creative again!

First off im participating in this months 11 second club. Im taking a nice little jab at Jackson Pollock this month he is one of those artists that i love to hate.

You can check out the blocking pass here!

Never Mind the Pollocks Blocking from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Also Im currently working on a whole new re-branding! Making a new website new business cards making a mascot and my girlfriend is making the logo which is looking pretty awesome! Im really liking the direction everything on this project is going in and can't wait till i can share it with you all!

Also while i was away from the digital world i doodled lots of new awesome characters that I have some toys and paintings and such planned out to do with them so as I get to them be prepared for some awesome things up ahead!

For now time to get back to work but hope you enjoy the blocking and many more posts to come! 

March 24, 2011

DA Bruck Haus is Open for Business!

Hey guys!

A few days ago I finally opened my own online store! Im pretty excited about it. Right now its just a couple of paintings but in the future I will have toys, prints, paintings, t-shirts and more!!!


March 19, 2011

Hellooooooo Nnnnnnnnnnnew York!

Whoa long time no update! Lots of exciting news

Few months back i applied to Reel FX Apprenticeship program again but unfortunately didnt get it. I knew it was time to try something new and as of Feb 28th I now live in New York!!!

The move happened so fast had 12 days to pack up and move! Im finally settled in now for the most part. Trying to Start to get creative again.

Last week I submitted a design to Mugo for their discover series. Theres some pretty awesome designs and it was a fun experience whether it gets made or not Dewey still makes me giggle.
I've also had a commission painting in the works for a while. Now that im settled im ready to finalize the drawing and get to work! Im doing a piece with the creature from the black lagoon and im pretty excited about it.

I also just recently got Flash cs5 and I'm going to attempt to get serious about flash and make some fun little shorts. I plan on going back and actually animating this video I planned out over 2 years ago!

animatic from David Bruck on Vimeo.

I just ordered this book to help me out on my journey. Excited for it to come in the mail!

I also will be working on a new animation of this funny sound clip I came across so stay tooned to the blog cause there should be a lot more updates comming this way.

Also now Im living in New York all the awesome things i used to want to do i can finally do!

Friday i will be attending the opening for too art for tv 5! Im pretty excited to be in a room with so many awesome animators and their art work! Looking forward to hopefully making some new friends and hoping one year ill I can exhibit some work in this show

Im also anxiously awaiting the the grand opening of Tara McPherson's new store! I will be attending the opening April 9th and hopefully snagging one of them awesome melvins tshits!


Last but not least I just signed up for Run for the Wild. Its a 5k run thru the bronx zoo to benefits penguins! Im pretty excited about it should be lots of fun. If you'd like to make a donation and support my team and the penguins click it

Alright so im pretty excited about all these projects and will be posting progress as it moves along!

January 9, 2011

Be There or Be Square!

Hey! I know its a bit late but I created some holiday cards this year. It was my 3rd consecutive year making cards for the holidays. This year was special though because Its my first year really starting to brand myself as Bruckaroni and I got them printed professionally rather than booboo walmart photos.

Heres the design for the front and back


and here is the inside design


Im pretty happy with the design of the card this year and I hope you guys enjoy it! Sorry I couldn't send one out to everyone it was a limited printing because I wanted to try it out and see how they came out. Next year I will try to print more!

Other news this Saturday is the opening of the new Tates show and I will have a new piece in it


 Sometimes ill wait until after the show to post the paitning but I've decided to put it up early for a preview this time around

Here is the original rough sketch


Then the rough moch up of it just to get my basic look before i hit the canvas

Ah  La La moch up

and heres the final product



Hope you guys like it  : )