January 9, 2011

Be There or Be Square!

Hey! I know its a bit late but I created some holiday cards this year. It was my 3rd consecutive year making cards for the holidays. This year was special though because Its my first year really starting to brand myself as Bruckaroni and I got them printed professionally rather than booboo walmart photos.

Heres the design for the front and back


and here is the inside design


Im pretty happy with the design of the card this year and I hope you guys enjoy it! Sorry I couldn't send one out to everyone it was a limited printing because I wanted to try it out and see how they came out. Next year I will try to print more!

Other news this Saturday is the opening of the new Tates show and I will have a new piece in it


 Sometimes ill wait until after the show to post the paitning but I've decided to put it up early for a preview this time around

Here is the original rough sketch


Then the rough moch up of it just to get my basic look before i hit the canvas

Ah  La La moch up

and heres the final product



Hope you guys like it  : )

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