April 27, 2010

Its the Final Pole Vaaaaaaaault

I decided to fix the pole vault some more because now that i see it fixed the old way sucked. Thanks every one for the 80 views on the previous pole vault tho! thats awesome. Lets see if this one can beat it! I also decided to vut out the thumbs up at the end of the video. I never had a problem with it then one of my friends suggested to take it out so i looked at it without it and i think it helps it stay funny without the thumbs u. after viewing it again with the thumbs up after i took it out i realized it kinda just made the piece drag on. So ive decided to cut it.

Anyways here is the latest and final version of the polevault! I hope you enjoy

PoleVault Final! from David Bruck on Vimeo.

April 21, 2010

Horses with Four Legs and Nubs, OH MY!

So Ive been animating a lot lately got 3 projects going on right now! I was slightly terrified of animating something with four legs but i pushed through it! The project isnt finished yet but I got some cycles to show you guys

This is the first part of the project the walk cycle

Horse Walk Cycle from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Then this is that same walk at a 3/4 view

3/4 view walk cycle from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Here is my run cycle

Horse Run Cycle from David Bruck on Vimeo.

 and at a 3/4 view

3/4 view run cycle from David Bruck on Vimeo.

now my next step is to make a nice smooth transition from that walk to the run. however before i do that im going to go back to my pole vault project and try and polish it up a little bit more.

 also i have another project im planning out as i work on this other stuff and this little guy will be one of the 2 characters i shall be using!

 oh one more last thing. One of my favorite stores to shop at Pinkghost is having a open call to all artists to participate in their upcoming gallery show. So im working on coming up with some ideas for that as well!


Alright well thats all for now. Hope you enjoy!

April 1, 2010

Pole Vaulting Final?

 So a while back i kept laughing at that stupid line from land of the lost for one of those inspirational posters. It said if you dont make it its your own damn vault and it had a picture of a pole vaulter and i kept laughing about it so it inspired me to do a pole vaulting animation. I needed some more physical stuff for my reel anyways so it just seemed to make sense to go ahead and do it. the piece is finally finished! I think haha  Check it out yo

Pole Vault from David Bruck on Vimeo.

also last month i participated in the florida themed show at Tates Comics / Bear and Bird gallery.


I wasnt completely satisfied with my piece i submitted but i guess someone liked it because i sold it! Woohoo!!! It was pretty exciting when everyone at the comic book store kept telling me i sold my piece.


I was finally able to find an animal rig that seems pretty decent so now for my next piece of animation ive decided to try and animate a horse! Its gonna be intense ive never animated  quadruped before. Heres a picture of the horse.


Thats it for now as things progress with this horse ill be sure to post em!