April 27, 2010

Its the Final Pole Vaaaaaaaault

I decided to fix the pole vault some more because now that i see it fixed the old way sucked. Thanks every one for the 80 views on the previous pole vault tho! thats awesome. Lets see if this one can beat it! I also decided to vut out the thumbs up at the end of the video. I never had a problem with it then one of my friends suggested to take it out so i looked at it without it and i think it helps it stay funny without the thumbs u. after viewing it again with the thumbs up after i took it out i realized it kinda just made the piece drag on. So ive decided to cut it.

Anyways here is the latest and final version of the polevault! I hope you enjoy

PoleVault Final! from David Bruck on Vimeo.


Mike R. said...

Hey Dave!

How's it going bro? Your pole vaulting is looking hilarious -- there are several gags compiled into telling one gag, giving it a lot of humor. Reminds me of something Wile E. Coyote would do. Well done!

And I like the horse cycles you created as well. My favorite is the gallop / run. It really flows and feels like a horse's run. Keep doing awesome stuff man; hope all is well!

- Mike

P.S. Thanks for posting on my blog the other day!

Bruckaroni said...

haha thanks man. Im working on 2 more horse cycles now and gonna try and mesh them all together to get the horse to go from walking to running