July 20, 2011

Im Still Alive!

Hey! I'm back and have lots of new projects!

My computer died for 2 months and I was soooooooooo sad but its finally back and im being creative again!

First off im participating in this months 11 second club. Im taking a nice little jab at Jackson Pollock this month he is one of those artists that i love to hate.

You can check out the blocking pass here!

Never Mind the Pollocks Blocking from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Also Im currently working on a whole new re-branding! Making a new website new business cards making a mascot and my girlfriend is making the logo which is looking pretty awesome! Im really liking the direction everything on this project is going in and can't wait till i can share it with you all!

Also while i was away from the digital world i doodled lots of new awesome characters that I have some toys and paintings and such planned out to do with them so as I get to them be prepared for some awesome things up ahead!

For now time to get back to work but hope you enjoy the blocking and many more posts to come!