August 22, 2010

Strictly for the Nerdcore

I just randomly did this painting the other day. My friend was feeling down in the dumps and going away to college so i decided to make her a little something for her dorm room. Its really small only 4x 5 but im pretty happy with how it turned out! Its got my new signature on it for small paintings. I also developed a new signature for my larger paintings as well.

Alright so this character was originally sketched while I was talking to some douche bag car salesman. 


Then I went ahead and refined him a bit to look like this


Then i put it in photoshop to get a rough idea for color


and now for the final product!



August 5, 2010

11 secoond club final!

So I finished my piece in time and i was pretty satisfied with it. 233 people entered this month! I knew i wouldn't win but i though maybe id get top 20. Things didnt work out that way. The one that won tho was awesome i thought that one would win. So I ended up placing 112 place which is right about in the middle but compared to what was entered I feel like i should have been placed higher. Oh well at least I have a new piece for my demo reel!

Here it is

July 2010 11 second club! from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Hope you guys enjoy!

This month ill be working on a new painting or illustration for the upcoming Tates Monsters under my bed show. Its a childhood fears show and I have a clown character I like that im gonna probabaly use. Ill post more about it later gotta get ready for work! Hope you enjoy the animation