September 23, 2009

Tates Halloween Show

They flyer has just come out for the "Candy Apples and Razor Blades" show

tates halloween flyer

Looks like a lot of people are participating in this show. Im pretty excited to see everyones work and what they come up with because monsters and halloweeny stuff  is awesome.

Also I have decided to TRY and have my painting for the show finished this thursday and if not this thursday than hopefully by the end of the week!

PS on a side note I cant find my ninja turtles Play-Doh mold. Im still looking but thingss are not looking good : ( i wanna make that movie!

September 22, 2009

New Site FINALLY uP!!!

After working out some kinks the new site is finally up! My buddy Mike Descz helped me out big time making and redesigning the site for me. I think it looks a lot better than the older one and now its much easier to update and make changes too as well! Theres also even a nice little button that'll take you here to my blog : )

Now that i can rest fairly easy about the site I can start working on my painting for Tates Halloween Show tommororw! Still havent decided if im going to post a teaser image or not well see what happens.

Also Mike and I keep throwing ideas around still for comics so who knows maybe one will be up soon like maybe in the next week or two.

Last post I also mentioned the possibility of a sequel to our movie 13 ways to kill a turtle. Well its happening! I just have to find my playdough mold. The production of it will be much better than the first one but dont worry that first one will be up online sometime in the near future. Were also going to attempt to do some ghetto stop motion this time around its gonna be exciting cant wait to start it!

also gonan try and start thinking of a cool idea to do a pumpkin carving this year. I  haven't carved one in so long hopefully i can come up with something awesome

Well thats it for now! Hope you enjoy the new site!

September 16, 2009

lots of new stuff coming SOON!

Hey so its been a while since I last updated. Last time I was talking about doing Julys 11 second club. I had it all planned out and i was blocking it in and as I finally got rolling on the project my computer decides it wants to break! So by that point I knew it would be impossible to finish in time for the competition. so about 2 or 3 weeks later my computer was fixed. But then it was time for vacation and me and my girlfriend went to North Carolina for couple of days. Things were quiet for a while after that i was doodling up ideas for the Tates halloween show coming up next month and had been working on sketches for it.

tates halloween show

I finalized my sketch about a week or 2 ago but then i put it on hold for a little while cause my girlfriend was going back to school soon.

Now though this past week I've started up lots of projects which will hopefully make for a lot of blog updates. The past few days Ive been working on figuring out the colors in Photoshop for my painting for the Tate Halloween show. I pretty much have everything colored now i just have to do it all on the canvas now. I probably wont post pictures of it until after the show opens trying to keep it on the downlow this time around. Maybe ill post a teaser pic at some point.

Aside from the painting I've been working on redesigning and updating my website with help from my buddy Mike. We've got a good amount done hoping to launch it soon. Hopefully sometime in the next week or 2.

Mike and I have also decided to start up a web comic. Ive been drawing up some sketches for one of the characters recently on my meal breaks at work. Gonna try and get the website done first and then pick up the work on the web comic more once that's done.

Another project I'm hoping to work on with Mike is a sequel to a movie we made on Halloween back in 2002! It was super ghetto and cheesy but it was pretty funny. It was called 13 ways to kill a turtle. I had this ninja turtle mold and we thought up different ways to kill him. We made it in just a few hours with no video editing aside from rewinding and just taping over things. Not very many people have seen it. Mostly only the people at the Halloween party we went to that night and a few friends here and there that we've shown it too. If we end up making a sequel its going to be called 13 more ways to kill a turtle except this time it'll be better planned out and put together. Now we've got an HD video camera and we know how to use editing programs. Well still try and keep that classy cheese to it tho otherwise it just wouldn't be the same. Maybe well release it this year on Halloween exactly 7 years after the first movie! That'd be exciting right? If we end up making the sequel ill post the original about a week or so before we put out the new one.

Also recently i bought the character design issue of Computer Arts: Projects Magazine

cpu arts mag

and it came with this awesome little disk of cool tutorials and Ii found out about this site called its pretty cool and the tutorials are pretty cheap. I'm thinking of purchasing a few of them so I can become a Flash Guru. Before i buy any of them though my friend recommended this book

flash bible

so ill check it out and see how helpful it is. Also a few months back I posted about a music video I was working on. Aside from the animatic i started modeling a few things and animated just a little bit. But after seeing some of these cool flash effects and wanting to get better at flash Ive decided to scrap the 3d stuff and do the whole video in flash! This way the characters can be more original and i wont have to worry about technical difficulties of fire and mustard and the such.

However the whole flash thing is on the back burner for now once I'm done with the website and possibly the painting I need to get back to my 11 Second club submission from July and finish it because I need some new work for my demo reel.

Anyways these are all the projects I'll be working on this month and months to come most likely. Stay tuned for more updates! I promise it wont be 2 and a half months again!