September 22, 2009

New Site FINALLY uP!!!

After working out some kinks the new site is finally up! My buddy Mike Descz helped me out big time making and redesigning the site for me. I think it looks a lot better than the older one and now its much easier to update and make changes too as well! Theres also even a nice little button that'll take you here to my blog : )

Now that i can rest fairly easy about the site I can start working on my painting for Tates Halloween Show tommororw! Still havent decided if im going to post a teaser image or not well see what happens.

Also Mike and I keep throwing ideas around still for comics so who knows maybe one will be up soon like maybe in the next week or two.

Last post I also mentioned the possibility of a sequel to our movie 13 ways to kill a turtle. Well its happening! I just have to find my playdough mold. The production of it will be much better than the first one but dont worry that first one will be up online sometime in the near future. Were also going to attempt to do some ghetto stop motion this time around its gonna be exciting cant wait to start it!

also gonan try and start thinking of a cool idea to do a pumpkin carving this year. I  haven't carved one in so long hopefully i can come up with something awesome

Well thats it for now! Hope you enjoy the new site!


Anonymous said...

you crazy rad, mr. bruck!

Bruckaroni said...

haha thanks Mr or Mrs anonymous