May 11, 2010

Demo Reel works better on my website rather than the Vimeo link

heres the link if you arent satisfied with the vimeo reel

New Demo Reel!

Hey guys finally finished my horse animation last night! here it is

Horse Cycle Completed! from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Also my new and improved demo reel is now up on my website  and here as well!

David Bruck Demo Reel May 2010 from David Bruck on Vimeo.


May 8, 2010

Harry Trotter!

So the doctor has  inspected Harry Trotter's Neck issues and have approved him to start running all over the internet now. Woohoo!

Harry Trotter from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Harry Trotter is the fourth and final cycle. Next step is to get all 4 of these cycles flowing together nicely.

this should be up ideally this weekend but more realisticly sometime in the next week.

New reel coming soon as well.

Just started a new animation too. should be funny hopefully

gotta start crack-a-lackin on my pinkghost project as well. Thinking about doing something with the little mermaid well see what happens!

May 7, 2010

Slow Runnings

I am Slow Runnings one day i aspire to be the first horse to make the jamaican bobsled team but until then i shall continue to run slowly. Check me out mon

Slow Runnings from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Be on the look out for my pal Harry Trotter. He was supposed to be around today but I heard he was having some neck issues. Hopefully he will make an appearance tommorrow!

Until then ba da duh ba da duh bada duh badda dhu