May 14, 2009


Hey guys! so last month i went and saw electiric 6 in concert which was AWESOME! Besides that tho im sure im not the only one that listen to nothing but the band they are gonna see at least for a week or 2 before the concert non stop. This song showtime stood out to me as being awesome. Now there already is a 2d animated video for it however i had a completely different idea in my head for it. I thought my idea was cool so i started doing some rough storyboards for it. i meshed em all together in premiere and came out with a final animatic.

animatic from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Now the Final version of this video will be done in Maya all completely 3d. It should be exciting having to come up with solutions and figuring things out. My biggest challenges ahead of me are modeling and rigging an umbrella that can open and CLOSE! yikes. Also gonna have to rig a hot dog so it can flop around. as well as some scary mustard squirting skills ill have tio figure out probably using Nparticles which i know nothing about so it should be fun haha.

Im also planning on using the Norman rig because its the coolest free rig ive ever come across and the customization is just awesome.

The video will just be something im working on the side mostly for fun but also so i can get more and more practice and maybe beef up my demo reel a little bit with some awesome shots if all turns out well.

Thats it for now. Wish me Luck!