August 5, 2010

11 secoond club final!

So I finished my piece in time and i was pretty satisfied with it. 233 people entered this month! I knew i wouldn't win but i though maybe id get top 20. Things didnt work out that way. The one that won tho was awesome i thought that one would win. So I ended up placing 112 place which is right about in the middle but compared to what was entered I feel like i should have been placed higher. Oh well at least I have a new piece for my demo reel!

Here it is

July 2010 11 second club! from David Bruck on Vimeo.

Hope you guys enjoy!

This month ill be working on a new painting or illustration for the upcoming Tates Monsters under my bed show. Its a childhood fears show and I have a clown character I like that im gonna probabaly use. Ill post more about it later gotta get ready for work! Hope you enjoy the animation


Mike R. said...

Dude! Good job Dave. Shot turned out nice!

Bruckaroni said...

thanks man! I tried to go a little more subtle then usual. Hows california treatin you?