September 29, 2010

Monsters Under My Bed!

Hey guys seems i had a little mix up. I said the painting was gonna be in New Times Magazine. I read the email wrong it was actually City Link not New Times. Whoops! Heres the link to the write up!

Its awesome that they used my painting as part of the preview. I picked up the new City Link today to check out the article. They didnt end up using my painting in the print article but its still awesome that its up on the web article.

The show opens this Saturday!


I usually wait to post the paintings up until fter the show but since it got used in an online article i might as well post it here now! Ill throw in a little something extra you cant get from the article or the show

Here was my preliminary test of the painting


Then i was gonna try it out with watercolor but it wasnt coming how i wanted to and time was runnign short so i went on to my usualy acrylic on cavas and heres the final product


Hope to see some of you at the show!

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