September 22, 2010

Monsters Under my Bed / New Times

So October is just around the corner again and that means its time for another Tate's local artists show!
This years theme is childhood fears. This show is gonna be BIG! Over 200 artists are participating this time around.

Heres the flyer for the show


I have decided to start branding myself as Bruckaroni so from now on all my paintings and artwork will be signed as bruckaroni. Unless the painting is too small then I will be signing it like I signed my nerd painting. This flyer is the first flyer with that name!

Today I got contacted by a local entertainment newspaper New Times. They are doing a preview and write up for the show. They are going to be using my painting in the preview! Print and on their blog. This is super exciting news to me.  So I will post that article as soon as its published.

I have also been working on a new animation and the blocking for that should be up within the next couple of days!

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