October 28, 2009

Dont Fear the Geeker!

So I just started taking my animation out of blocking and things are coming along i may post something at some point before its completely finished maybe after i clean it up minus facial stuff ill post it. Well see but the reason for this post is for some geeker process stuff!

anyways as promised here is the original sketch that spawned the character known as geeker.

Dont Fear the Geeker

after the original sketch one day i decided i liked this character and wanted to develop him. I already had a giraffe sketch that i wanted to further develop as well so I decided itd be funny to have a giraffe in his hands instead of a sickle. and came out with something like this

geeker sketches

after i had the general idea of my character I had to come up with an idea for the painting. I was thinknig of maybe having a hot girl kissing him showing she wasnt scared of him. But then I thought it would be funny to have him poking the pillsbury doughboy in the belly since your supposed to fear the reapers finger but since hes geeky he wasnt a very good reaper and people just laugh at him instead. So then I started messing around with some sketches for the dough boy.

dough boy sketches

I was pretty happy with the little full body image towards the bottom right. However i didnt like the face or hat so further tried developing those.

toying with doughboy heads

nailing down doughboys face and hat

I was finally pretty happy with a face and hat and then decided to try and think of a composition for the whole idea.

almost got the composition

once I had a general idea for the composition i now realized i needed to design a pumpkin face. I went thru multiple ideas

pumpkin faces

after deciding on a pumpkin I finally came to my final sketch!

final sketch

Once I got to this I took some pictures and opened it with photoshop to do play around with some colors. Originally I was going to go with this one

color test 1

however messing around i accidently clicked the screen when i had a darker color and realized it made the characters pop so much better. Despite the fact i wanted it to be really bright i decided to go for some darker colors and ended up with this

color test 2

Once at this point i decided it was time to do some real painting! And here is the final result...

final painting

final painting2

Well hope you enjoyed viewing my process.

I got 2 projects i might be working on sometime before halloween. First one is a pumpkin carving. I already bought a pumpkin and have an idea for a design I just have to sit down and do it. Also I found out today that Amanda Visell will send me a package if i make a costume of one of her characters for halloween so I really wanna do it I just need to get my hands on some cardboard boxes!  If I end up following thru with these projects there shall be some more posts very soon!

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