October 31, 2009

Amanda Visell Alligator Costume! Happy Halloween!!!!

So the other day Amanda Visell posted on her twitter anyone that dresses up as one of her characters for halloween she'll send em a package. So of course I got excited for this and decided to squeeze it into my busy schedule. Anyways this toy is one of my favorite toys I own as well as one of one of my favorite toys Amanda Visell has made so I decided it had to be made as a giant cardboard box version.

This is what the toy looks like for real

visell gator

Then after a few hours and many complications such as running out of spray paint and duck tape so the support  was kinda shaky. Also my batteries died as i went to take pictures and i couldnt find my charger for a while. Then also after the pictures were dont and taken I realized i forgot to do the upper teeth :(
Anyways though I had lots of fun making it and im pretty happy with out it came out for the most part considering the amount of time i had to work on it and the materials i had. Now i jsut need to find a place in my room for it and build a better support for it!

So heres what i ended up with!

This is the picture i ended up sending to her I hope she likes it :)


and heres a few other pics





and here is a pic of the aftermath and my big mess!



Rachelle said...

This looks great, David!! I'm super impressed!

Bruckaroni said...

haha thanks it was fun. I just wish I wasnt short on supplies so i coulda built it better

Kelly Heck said...

That is an awesome toy and you did a great job! I can't wait to see it once you've done more work on it. Did you wear it around?

Bruckaroni said...

haha it is an awesome toy! and thanks! na i didnt wear it anywhere it was built too crappy it was falling apart just trying to take a picture. im not sure if im gonna do anything else to it it has fallen apart on the patio from the humidity well see what happens