October 21, 2008

Rock the Vote!!!

Here in South Florida early voting started for us yesterday. So I decided to go ahead and make a semi political post. I personally don't really like anybody running except for Joe Biden aka " The Guardian "

I call him the guardian because to me he looks like the Oan Guardians from Green Lantern comics just with a smile.



Now too keep with the whole political theme this post is supposed to have I related my Animation Mentor assignment to it as well.

Week 3 just ended a few days ago and we had to do a pose showing excitement. I went ahead and did a guitar pose which my teacher seemed to like.

This is the pose i originally turned in.

Week 3 "excited" Stu

Marlon liked everything cept for the legs. He couldn't tell quite where the characters weight was and thought that i could exaggerate the pose even more. Im all about exaggeration so i didnt hesitate one moment and did some thing like this


I went ahead and "Keith Richardesqued" it up for him

Now when it came to the color scheme of the picture i decided to do red white and blue just so i could sing rock the vote go rock the vote baby!

Now another political themed topic is this past Saturday Tates Comics (only one of the best comic book stores to exist EVER!) had their opening night of their " Viva la Propaganda" gallery.


heres a random picture of me opening night not knowing what to do for the camera


I entered a piece as well as about 74 other artists I believe. My piece is called "2008 year of the speak see and hear no evil"


The show runs until November 22nd so if any one reads this and lives in South Florida you should definitely check it out theres some pretty awesome artwork there.

Ok so now go out there and ROCK THE VOTE!

P.S. heres my bouncing ball i had to animate as a week 3 assignment as well decided to throw it in as a P.S. because this is not political related at all ( will be uploaded once vimeo decides it wants to do my video)

David Bruck week 3 AM bouncing ball from David Bruck on Vimeo.

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Rafael said...

yo awesome political art my friend, made me laugh. If you read this you'll know it was Rafael who left you this comment. hehehe

I happened to click on a long forgotten link to your journal and ended up here. Nice to know you are still going on with your artistic endeavors.

After recently visiting the Miami Art Festival, I feel like painting. I was inspired by what art really is, and it is anything!