October 19, 2008

First Entry and Hopefully not the Last

Hey Everyone my name is David and i like amination! ( yes i know i wrote amination it just sounds funnier)

I just got a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design a few months ago and now i am back home.
Also I just started Animation Mentor ( an awesome online animation school) a few weeks ago. Im on my my way to becoming an Animation NINJA!!!

I decided to make this blog just to post interesting things i come across and to post new projects im working on for Animation Mentor.

Well Animation Mentor is awesome so far. Im in class 1 right now and week 4 has just started. I have an awesome mentor. His name is Marlon Nowe.


He used to work for Blur Studios for about 6 or 7 years.


Then he made his way over to rhytm and hues to work on the golden compas.


Now Hes over at Disney and he just finished working on Bolt which looks awesome. If you havent seen these videos then you gotta watch them they are so cooooool.


Now week 1 of AM was just cruising the campus meeting people figuring out how to use the site. Also they had a scavenger hunt whom they still havent announced the winners for yet

Week 2 wasnt too bad we had to draw some gestures and then choose one of them and pose it out with the character they like to call STU. Now Stu has a humongous head but this is what i came up with. I was happy cause I impressed my teacher : )


then this is the finsihed pose with the few changes my mentor suggested.


Now week 3 has just ended but those images will be in a new post which i will probably make tommorrow.

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