June 30, 2010

Rejection, Duurassic Park and 11 Second Club

Its been a while since i posted anything. Ill probabaly be updating this thing more often now that im gopnna start getting back into the swing of things again.

Anyways about 3 or so weeks ago I found out i wasnt accepted for the Reel FX apprenticeship however they will be doing it again in February so im gonna just keep on working on improving my reel and hope for the best come next year.

Also a few weeks ago i participated in the Pinkghost Book It show


Im pretty satisfied with how my piece came out. At first i thought it would be weird painting on a book but it was actually pretty fun.

Heres a couple pictures of my final piece which i named Duurassic Park



Also I took about a month or so long hiatus from animating but im ready to get back into it and start improving my demo reel and skills. Im anxiously awaiting to find out what the new 11 sec club sound clip will be for july and if i like it then that will be my new project. If not ill be going back to my rock project i started a while back. Either way there will be more updates coming!

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